My Story

I am Emilie, a french photographer freelance. I like to create miniature world with paper to tell stories. I search my inspirations all around me, in Art, Literature, Cinema, Theatre,Books and Bubbles soap.  I specialize in handmade content creation from start (concept, design, and build out) to finish (photography, retouching), prop building, and paper craft.Go to @the_blind_bird on Instagram to see my current projects and work in progress.

My process

  • Art direction – Illustration – set design

  • Photography

  • Development


Emilie Mathiaux


Born in 1994. After a Manaa, I studied Photography at Condé Lyon since 3 years. Live and work in Lyon. Graduated from superior school of applied Art Condé (Lyon).

The hand-made objects have very appreciated tactile characteristics and big interest for the photography. I handcraft all of my creations from a range of fine quality papers, before photographing and editing the images digitally, to create each finished piece. I adhere to the same proven process for every project, regardless of complexity or scope.

My Creative philosophy

My approach is simple. I realize miniatures parallel world to ask spectators’s perceptions. I conceive my photos with scenery. These are miniature paper mock-ups. They aren’t voluntary realistic because I wanted them to be considered as children’s art which hasn’t rules and I didn’t want to influence the spectators with stereotypes. I tried to make them wonder about their proper condition of human being.I don’t want to have a very realistic result, I search only to develop a distinct graphic universe, to draw spectators towards imaginary projections.

Commercial Work & Licensing

If you’re interested in licensing an existing work, or in initiating a new creative project, please contact me directly at and I’ll be happy to put an estimate.