Children's book project ideas

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  • ``Le trou Children's book``>
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Le Trou

Collaboration with MCL. The central element is a hole which grows up page after page according to the captures of the character. All the sets are hand-made. The idea being to transpose the volume created by the paper in 3D in a medium 2D.

Animated Book

  • ALT Children's book
  • ALT children's book


Book with Caroline Peltier for the cover illustration and 10 Pop-Up inside.The story of a small character who leaves his country, at war, for a new country. A text speaks about war, immigration and insertion social.

My Creative process

My creative process consists of several stages. At first, I define the atmosphere, colors, the shape of the characters… I choose the materials which I’m going to use. I make fast sketches to find the best composition. I make sets and I light them in my studio. Final step, I glorify the images by a work of digital retouch.