Between Reality & Fiction consists of 15 images which tackle the issue of the representation. Our way of life in society is governed by cultural social codes which are different from a country to another one. The series tells the story of a character who discovers that everything around him is fake. All things are in paper. The pictures show how a person decides to run away her everyday life. She wants to recover a form of reality. Colors are very important, at the beginning, the series is blue because the character is rather calm.After, photos lost gradually colors and begin white. From then, she tries to clarify her mind and distinguish right from wrong. Finally, she can’t figure out and falls to madness. The end is open, we can imagine different possibilities. The person may still be locked up in this world or not. We can imagine that all is a film and we can stop the tv button or it’s going to bring it all back again.The series talks about the phenomenon « Big Brother », impact of social networks in our life. You are interested in this project, contact me